The swap from PRO6 to PSIX token is coming...

Headline this week is the announcement of the swap process for all PRO6 token holders to PSIX in the Propersix Exchange wallets. We will start swapping your tokens beginning w7, soon after last IEO exchange (Latoken) has listed PSIX!

"SWAP" PRO6 to PSIX - a manual "swap" procedure is necessary, in order for PRO6 tokens to be converted 1:1 to PSIX tokens on your ProperSix Exchange wallet. Here is everything you need to know:

  • All PRO6 token holders on ProperSix Exchange will be notified early w7 with instructions on how to swap. It is pretty much a "push of a button" procedure for you.
  • Once you initiate a swap our support team will process your request manually, for security reasons, and you will have your PRO6 tokens replaced (1:1) with same amount of PSIX deposited on the same wallet.
  • Estimated time to process your swap request is 7 days.
  • Once your swap is confirmed as completed via email, you will have full access to withdraw your PSIX tokens to any one of the exchanges where PSIX is listed (Latoken, BigONE, BitForex and P2PB2B for now), as long as you have a registered account on one or several of these exchanges.
  • ProperSix Exchange will open up for crypto trading (including PSIX) in the coming weeks. More details in our weekly newsletters.

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The ProperSix Team

* IEO: An Initial Exchange Offering, commonly referred to as an IEO, is a fundraising event that is administered by an exchange.