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Big Data in DISA

Welcome back after a long summer, we hope that everyone is well rested and ready for a busy fall.

Within DISA we have planned a lot of work, events, new research collaborations, new PhD-students arriving and much more.

Join us for an exciting fall to come.


Welf Löwe, Professor computer science and research leader for DISA

Welf Löwe, Professor computer science and research leader for DISA

New research opportunities with Södra

During late spring 2017, guest researcher Andreas Heberle spent some weeks to learn more about the needs for and opportunities of joint research between Södra and our DISA researchers. Just before the summer holidays started DISA researchers and experts from Södra gathered for a follow up workshop to discuss the potential next steps. Read more...

Workshop - Horizon 2020-proposal September 20

Workshop on How to write Impact in a Horizon 2020 proposal – maximizing funding success by using market research. Read more...

Save the date December 1st, 2017!

Linnaeus University invites for our 3rd annual conference on Big Data hosted for the first time officially by the Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA).


During the conference, DISA researchers will present a selection of their research conducted during this year. The conference will also feature keynote and invited speakers from other universities. Read more...

Astroparticle physics and Big Data within DISA

The ALTO research team at the spot where a prototype one detector element will be built. From left to right: Satyendra Thoudam, Yvonne Becherini, Jean-Pierre Ernenwein, Michael Punch.

Read more about Astroparticle physics and Big Data within DISA here

Do you have an idea related to DISA or Big Data that you want to develop?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to meet you to tell you more about the ongoing plans and to explore possible collaborations. We have different instruments to kick off collaborations between industry, public organizations and researchers. You can reach us here

New blog at DISA

We want to give continuous updates on our work within DISA, and we need help from you to spread the words about interesting ongoing work and excellent results.

So if you have anything to share, new research results or findings, articles or conferences to recommend to others, projects being granted or new ideas for projects etc. – please let me know and I will publish it on our new DISA-blog

If you use social medias please use #disalnu

Diana Unander Nordle
Diana Unander Nordle

The newsletter is a part of the work for  Linnaeus University Center for Data Intensive Science and Applications (DISA). DISA focuses its efforts on open questions in collection, analysis and utilization of large data sets. With its core in computer science, it takes a multidisciplinary approach and collaborates with researchers from all faculties at the Linnaeus University.

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