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  Upcoming workshops & other events

Workshops 2015:

10 - 12 april 2015:
Tantra for everyone – with
Carl Johan Rehbinder
In Copenhagen, Denmark
• In English

17 - 19 aprii 2015:
Gudomlig Njutning
Introductory workshop for couples - with Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
In Stockholm
• In Swedish

24 - 26 april 2015:
Kärleksfull Beröring
Weekend workshop for couples – with
Jennie Rehbinder
In Stockholm
• In Swedish

15 - 17 maj 2015:
Gudomlig Njutning
Introductory workshop for couples - with Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
In Stockholm
• In Swedish

4 - 7 juni 2015:
Love retreat for couples
– continuance workshop with Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
In Skeppsuddens Kursgård, Norrköping
• In Swedish

12 - 14 juni 2015:
Gudomlig Njutning
Introductory workshop for couples - with Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
In Stockholm
• In Swedish

1 - 6 september 2015:
Livets Goda
Luxurious tantric retreat in a chateau in southern France
– with Carl Johan & Jennie Rehbinder
In Bordeaux, France
• In Swedish


Other teacher's workshops:
(arranged by us)

5 - 10 maj 2015:
Urban Tantra Professional Traning program
An advanced workshop, primarily for sexuality professionals.
With Barbara Carrellas
In Copenhagen, Denmark

• In English



24 - 28 juni 2015:

At Ängsbacka kursgård
• In English

15 - 18 oktober 2015: 
ISTA Conference

3rd German ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness
At Lebenskunst, Berlin
• In English


There is still room for more participants on TANTRALILA in Copenhagen, Denmark!
10 - 12, 2015
with Calle Rehbinder

Discover tantra in a completely new way!

TANTRALILA is personal development with sexuality as a tool, rather than a goal in itself. Experience the empowering effect of exploring your own sexuality, and full potential as an individual. Your sexuality can be your friend or foe - depending on your attitude towards yourself.

TANTRALILA is a dynamic and playful love workshop for all curious, sexual enjoyers of Life, who wants MORE – regardless of gender, relational status, age or sexual preferences. TantraLila is primarily oriented towards you as an an individual, and not a partner process.

In other words - everyone is welcome!

Svenskar är förstås också välkomna – enda förutsättningen är att du kan förstå och prata lite engelska eftersom kursen är på engelska.
Om du bor i de sydligaste delarna av Sverige är det ju faktiskt närmare att åka till Köpenhamn än till Stockholm, så det kan ju vara ett gott skäl bara det!

These subjects will show up during the workshop:

  • Self image – and confirmation – practical tools for loving yourself, fully, body and soul – as well as being able to recieve appreciation, confirmation and Love.
  • Boundries – boundry strengthening as well as boundry breaking. We all have limits, but do you have them where you want them? Do you respect your own boundries as well as other peoples boundries? Learn how to say NO with power and conviction – so that you can also say YES with the same power and conviction.
  • Presence in the Now – to live life to the fullest, here and now. We practice different techniques and attitudes to be more attentive and present.
  • Communication – exercises in positive communication. How do you communicate? Respectfully or invasive? Clear and focused, or fluffy and insecure?
  • Your body – as a tool for personal development, limitless pleasure and strong spiritual experiences. Discover what a fantastic instrument your body is, in order to explore and experience life to the fullest.
  • Freedom of shame – liberate yourself from negative emotions around your own sexuality, and learn to just enjoy and say yes to it.
  • Play – the fastest, most efficient path to the deepest form of seriousness… Everything we do, we do as a play, as a dance, with all the beauty, lightness and joy we may find therein.

TANTRALILA on Facebook

Every workshop has to have an event page on Facebook.
If you want to join the workshop, you have to register properly, but of course you can also click on the Fb page that you want to participate!

TANTRALILA as an event on Facebook! »

Time & Place:

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 10-12, 2015

This is the first time TANTRALILA goes outside of Sweden, which we find very exciting. Of course we are hoping for a big and enthusiastic group in Denmark.

You will get more info on practical details after registering for the workshop.

Read more details about time and place on the TantraLila website »

Read more on the website for TantraLila »

Investment in yourself:

The workshop fee is 300 € (Euro)

(approximately 2,300 DKK or 2,900 SEK, which is exactly what I charge in Sweden)

Sweden has its own currency, and so does Denmark, but I want it to be the same price for every participant, whether you are from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Norway, France, Great Britain or whatever country you are from – therefore I charge in Euro.

Workshop fee & terms »

Register here »

Response from previous participants:

Hi Calle,

A warm thank you for a completely astounding experience! 5 days after the workshop, I'm still high as a house. The agony and indecision I felt before I dared to register, now feels totally unnecessary.

We had three days of dance, play, meditations, seriosity, mischief, delightful, beautiful and inspiring fellow participants, a dedicated assistant and a cool workshop leader who let us participants be in the center of action.

My advice to everyone who are curious of this workshop: read the description of the workshop, and also the Q&A - everything there is a 100 % accurate, even though one may not understand all of it before the workshop. If you are still interested and curious after that - register and join! There's nothing to be afraid of!

I live in a happy relationship with my wife, but with her encouragement and permission, I came alone to the workshop. That meant that I may have set my boundaries a little bit narrower than the singles in the group - but the whole idea about the workshop was that I decide what I want to do. I am proud and happy that I could tell my wife afterwards about everything I experienced, without leaviing any details out (and of course without outing anyone else in the group).

The only risk I can see with this workshop is, like with other drugs, it can make you dependent. I choose to see it as an opportunity, to ponder on which will be my next workshop.

Warm greetings

Lasse, September 2013

(and 2014, and 2015 - Calle's note)


More response from previous participants! »

Workshop leader / teacher:

Calle is an actor, director, storyteller, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, author – as well as a teacher of many a subject, such as love, relationship, sexuality and tantra. In other words – an expert in communication.

The most important part of Calle’s work today is undoubtedly the teaching. The workshops about Love, Relationship, Sex, Tantra – how to live, breathe, play, touch and exist, in total presence.

In the fall of 2003 Calle started a men’s workshop in sex, love and relationship. Very soon after that, Calle’s wife Jennie came into the teaching, and since 2004 they teach together, first of all through their love workshops for couples.



To this date Calle and Jennie has arranged more than 240 tantric love workshops of many different sorts, with hundreds and hundreds of participants – and the response is always amazingly positive.

Calle is a very appreciated teacher, which ever subject he gets into teaching. With his enormous curiosity and ability to learn, and his storyteller skill to pass it on, combined with a large sense of humour, warmth and feeling for people, and dedication to the subject, you will not remain unmoved by him.

You can read more about Calle as a teacher on this page! »

Read more about our other workshops here! »

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