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Spring 2019 Newsletter 2019-05-08

Detail of 'Secret Mountain, an imaginary hike' by Margriet van Weenen, 2018, presented by Stichting VHDG at Supermarket 2019

SUPERMARKET Newsletter: Spring 2019

We said our goodbyes to Supermarket 2019 only a few weeks ago and already miss the art buzz and artists running all over the place. Supermarket 2019 took place on 4–7 April in Sickla Front in Stockholm, and showed 50 galleries from across the world.

We were pleased to introduce Supermarket Forum for the first time – a day-long networking event connecting Swedish art scene with Supermarket’s participants – and will continue to develop it in the next year. 2019 was also the first year of Supermarket Associate galleries, a collaboration with artist-run initiatives around Stockholm. Six associate galleries took part in Supermarket 2019: Candyland, Detroit Stockholm, Gallery Majkens, Grafiska Sällskapet, Konstnärshuset and Tegen2.

In Supermarket Spring 2019 Newsletter you can read snippets of what happened during the art fair, get to know some of our exhibitors’ impressions in short interviews with Greylight Projects and Gallery Majkens, browse through the press highlights and much more.

Following the art fair’s recap, read on to see what projects Supermarket plans for the near future and get familiar with all of Supermarket’s expanding public and exhibitors’ programmes in detail.

Finally, you can already find useful information on how to get involved in Supermarket 2020.

Have a nice reading experience and see you soon!


Supermarket 2019: Recap

Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind opens Supermarket 2019

Amanda Lind, the Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy with Familie Montez exhibitors at Supermarket 2019, photo: Anna Ekros

Supermarket 2019 was inaugurated by Amanda Lind, the Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy. Preceding the opening speech, Amanda Lind received a guided tour around the art fair and got the opportunity to talk to many of our international exhibitors. Supermarket’s project team presented the aims, visions and different programmes of the art fair. We hope that this is a step in the right direction for spreading the awareness of and supporting the artist-run sector.

Amanda Lind, the Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy with Supermarket’s project team Andreas Ribbung, Alice Máselníková and Pontus Raud at Supermarket 2019, photo: Anna Ekros

Supermarket 2019 Art Magazine / Exhibitors’ Catalogue

If you failed to grab your copy of Supermarket 2019 Magazine / Catalogue you can also read the online version. Read the magazine here, and catalogue here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to purchase a physical copy.

Read through previous magazines and catalogues here.

Want to contribute?

Do you have suggestions for article contributions to our 2020 magazine? Write to Alice Máselníková at with your proposal.

Greylight Project's Super M Award goes to Data Bosma

Once again we would like to congratulate Data Bosma, the receiver of Super M award 2019. Data Bosma was represented by Nieuwe Vide from Haarlem, Netherlands. The open competition was decided by votes submitted by Supermarket’s visitors and participants and organised by Greylight Projects located in Hoensbroek, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. Congratulations!

Data Bosma, the recipient of Super M award at Supermarket 2019, represented by Nieuwe Vide, photo: Kenneth Pils

Supermarket 2019 Press highlights

Read some of the reviews of Supermarket 2019 at the links below.

2019-04-06 SE: Konst värd en mässa (Aftonbladet)

2019-04-04 SE: Supermarket sprakar på egen hand (Dagens Nyheter)

2019-03-28 SE/ENG: Inside 2019’s Supermarket Art Fair (Totally Stockholm)

2019-03-29 SE/NO/DK/ENG: Nordic News Weekly – March 29th (Kunstkritikk International Edition)

2019-04-01 PL: 1-7 kwietnia / Sztokholm (Magazyn Szum)

Supermarket programmes in a nutshell

Supermarket’s public and exhibitors’ programmes extend well beyond the format of a regular art fair. What all do we do, and how does it work? Read more about our specific programmes and how to get engaged in them below.

Supermarket Art Fair - the exhibition

Supermarket is an international artist-run art fair that provides a showcase of artists’ initiatives from all over the world. The exhibition consists only of artist-run (sometimes curator-and-artist-run) initiatives. Each gallery has their own space which they present and curate to their liking. Every year Supermarket presents 50 to 80 galleries from around the world, who altogether show hundreds of artists.

The art fair is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday and is preceded by non-public Supermarket Forum, a networking day that connects the participants with invited guests from the art sector.

You can apply to exhibit at Supermarket only as a gallery or project, that is, not as an individual artist. Upon application you can select if you want to show in a large, small or presentation-sized booth. You need to provide information about your initiative and present a proposal of what / who you plan to show at Supermarket including images.

Since 2019 you can also apply as Associate gallery, if you are a Stockholm-based initiative. This means that you will be exhibiting in your own gallery space or venue, but will be part of the Exhibitors Catalogue and have access to the programmes.

'Sweet dreams from heaven' by Nina Wedberg Thulin, Studio 44 exhibition booth at Supermarket 2019, photo: Vilma Weinstock

Supermarket Talks & Performance


Talks is a public programme that started in 2007 as a place for talks, presentations, panel discussions and debates related to visual art. Talks have over the years developed into three days of dynamic programme reflecting on issues related to and relevant for contemporary art. All talks are accessible to the public and Supermarket’s exhibitors and participants. The programme items are listed in the printed Talks & Performance programme brochure, which is distributed to all the visitors and exhibitors and updated online. You can read the 2019 programme here.


Performance art has been part of SUPERMARKET since its beginning, with the number of performances increasing year by year. Since 2012, a special Stage is designated for the Performance programme. Live Action Göteborg, Lokal_30, Warsaw, No Budget Performance, PAiN – Performance Art in Norrbotten, PALS - Performance Art Links Stockholm and Fylkingen have been important contributors to the programme.

The applications to Performance programme are done through our website and you can apply with a proposal for a performance. The applications for 2020 will open in Autumn 2019 on our website.

Performance by Gio Montez from Kunstverein Familie Montez, Supermarket 2019, photo: Anna Ekros

Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP)

PNP is a special programme for individual art professionals who want to get the full experience of the art fair without the need to present an exhibition booth. PNP participants do not exhibit but for the duration of the art fair they have access to all public and internal activities plus to a special PNP programme. They take part in Meetings programme, Supermarket Forum, special seminars, Exhibitor gatherings and have access to the Exhibitors’ Lounge.

The purpose of the PNP is to create a meeting point for Swedish and international artist, curators and other art professionals to expand their networks beyond the exhibition space.

You can apply to the PNP programme via our website. The applications for PNP 2020 will open in Autumn 2019.

Supermarket Meetings

SUPERMARKET Meetings is a non-public, internal programme for Supermarket's exhibitors and PNPs.

Meetings serve as a meeting point for the participating artists, artists working as exhibition organisers, project managers and other art professionals to discuss various issues surrounding their gallery and the wider art world and create new connections. Each Meeting takes place in a small group of five to eight people, has a moderator and a pre-selected topic that is discussed.

You have to be exhibitor or PNP to take part in Meetings, and as such you will be contacted by our Meetings Coordinator regarding your participation prior to the art fair.

Round table - a discussion format used during Meetings and Forum, photo: Anna Ekros

Supermarket Forum

SUPERMARKET FORUM is a non-public initiative by Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair first introduced in 2019.

The day-long networking event connects Supermarket’s exhibitors and Professional Networking Participants with representatives from contemporary Swedish art scene. The programme allows the exhibitors to meet curators, gallerists, art organisers and representatives of art institutions, present their projects in depth and talk within a simple framework focused on meetings and tours around the art fair. During Forum the art fair is closed to the public.

As an exhibitor or PNP you are automatically invited to Forum (one person per organisation). External guests are invited by Supermarket.

Supermarket Forum 2019, photo: Anna Ekros

Supermarket Art Magazine

Every year, in parallel to the art fair, SUPERMARKET publishes the Supermarket Art Magazine. The art magazine is an important part of Supermarket's public activities, where we share ideas and issues from the artist-run world, give voice to local and international contributors and introduce artists' initiatives in interviews and short snippets. The magazine is formulated around a specific theme that changes every year. The magazine comes together with Supermarket Exhibition Catalogue where all the exhibitors are listed.

Each issue is distributed internationally and available to read online. Read more about SUPERMARKET Art Magazine here.

Four questions to Greylight Projects

You exhibited at Supermarket 2019 for the second time now – what was your experience of it and what did you bring away with you this year?

The most important was the interaction with the public and the participants.

Is there anything special about being an exhibitor at the art fair and what would you say were the highlights of your participation?

The highlights for Greylight Projects were the great amount of interaction with the audience and also the good sales! The cherry on the pie was the Super M Award which we awarded this year for the first time. The ‘best artist of the fair’ was voted for and selected by all the exhibitors of the art fair. It brought great interaction with the other participants (galleries and artists).

What did you show at Supermarket 2019 and how was the audience at the fair?

We brought works by twenty two artists who had exhibited at Greylight Projects before. Only we did not show them directly in the booth. The ‘customer’ could see a work only after they bought it. This they did by pressing a red button on a pedestal in the centre of the booth. By pressing it, a hidden computer selected one work that was then printed and framed immediately.

Did you make any new connections at the art fair that you might be working with in the future?

Unknown for now. We met many great, interesting and interested people. The future will tell.

If your gallery could have one special imaginary friend who would always support you and go to all the exhibition openings, who would it be?

Torgny the carpenter.


Greylight Projects is an independent artist run organization based in Brussels (BE) and in Hoensbroek (NL). It has been created in 2009 in Hoensbroek, and a space was opened in Brussels in 2013. Greylight Projects focuses on supporting artists in their researches and practices by facilitating, producing, or organizing events.

Greylight Projects at Supermarket 2019, photo: Anna Ekros

Four questions to Gallery Majkens

You took part in Supermarket 2019 as one of the Associate galleries. What was it like and how did you experience your participation?

We were really honoured to be elected to be an Associate gallery at this year’s Supermarket. Since last year we are without a permanent residence so we immediately started to look for a place close to the art fair’s venue. This drove us to find one of our most successful collaborations so far; Dieselverkstaden, the cultural center of Sickla. They wanted to host us during the Supermarket Art Fair weekend, and with their generous opening hours we could successfully synchronise our opening night with the ‘Associate galleries opening night’ event.

It took a lot of energy to install the exhibition in just one day, have it open for three, and on the third day immediately take it down. It was short and intense but well worth the effort to have such great numbers of visitors, given the location and being associated to Supermarket 2019. Unfortunately, with our pressed timetable we could not participate in any meetings or sit in on talks, since we needed to be present in the exhibition. Therefore, we were so happy to welcome and give a guided tour of the exhibition to the PNP-group coordinated by Lucie Gottlieb who visited us the day after we opened.   

What was best about being an associate gallery?

The publicity and attention we got online through Supermarket’s platforms, in which we also got more knowledge about the other selected associate galleries’ in Stockholm, thus finding new colleagues and kinship in other local artist-run initiatives.

You have recently become a nomadic space: do you have any projects already planned for the near and far future?

This summer we will arrange a set of fun interventions in public spaces. A portable pop-up exhibition with provoking period-art, showed in various locations in Stockholm.

For the autumn of 2019 we are currently planning the exhibition ‘Women in War – behind the scenes’ in collaboration with Mariam Orjonikidze, an ambassador for Georgia and student at the Swedish Defence University. The exhibition will showcase documentary photography by civilian women who experienced the aftermath of the 2008 Georgian/Russian war first hand.

Do you have a vision of how you would like your activities to develop?

We really hope to keep growing with our audience, finding new spaces and keep representing feminist and queer structures within bigger established institutions. We also hope to find like minded people when performing and producing the pop-up project, in the suburbs or other interesting areas that we still have not explored.


Galleri Majkens was founded in 2017 and produces feminist-themed exhibitions on selected locations around Stockholm. The gallery’s curatorial work is done by an intersectional collective of women artists and curators representing fluid and queer structures in Stockholm’s male-dominated cultural scene.

‘Unreliable Naturalist’ exhibition, Gallery Majkens – Supermarket 2019 associate gallery, photo: Vilma Weinstock

What else?

Supermarket researches in Switzerland

Supermarket was invited by the Embassy of Switzerland in Sweden to conduct a research trip around Swiss artist-run spaces in September 2019 to scout for possible exhibitors at Supermarket 2020. Looking forward!

Supermarket’s creative directors exhibit at HangmenProjects

On 26th April opened 'From The Other Side' group exhibition at HangmenProjects in Stockholm. All three of Supermarket’s creative directors Alice Máselníková, Pontus Raud and Andreas Ribbung are artists and were invited to exhibit in the show: a lucky encounter which you should not miss. The show works with the concept of inviting artists who have a double life, in parallel to their artistic careers working as curators, gallerists, art consultants and so on to help other artists to be shown. The exhibition is open until 15th June.

You can find more information on Hangmen Project’s website and Facebook event.

'Brexit soup' by Pontus Raud

Alice Máselníková in front of her 'Bed series' works and Andreas Ribbung in front of his paintings 'Milling Common' and 'Antic Beano'

Applications to Supermarket 2020 open in September 2019

Sponsor / Partner up with Supermarket

Do you want to become our sponsor or partner? Please get in touch with us at

The goal of Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is to provide a showcase of artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks on Swedish and international art scene. It is an art fair that strives to offer the visitor an experience rather than focusing on sales. Artist-run galleries that regularly display public exhibitions in their own spaces, and other artists’ initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at Supermarket.

Creative directors: Alice Máselníková, Pontus Raud, Andreas Ribbung. Talks & Performance coordinator: Franziska Sperling. Meetings coordinator: Katarina Evasdotter Birath. PNP programme coordinator: Lucie Gottlieb. Press officer: Felicia Gränd. Press assistant: Kasia Syty. 


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