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MAY 2020

 Historic Palma 


The archeologist Vallori from Palma put together all pictures of excavations of Palma Romana in a 300 pages big book. The Roman settlements were found while digging for constructions of new buildings. The Roman Palma was situated under todays Palma with a populated area of more than 20 ha - much bigger than estimated. Palma was founded 123 BC by the Consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus but the oldest archeological reports come from the time of 50 BC. Palma was probably founded, like Pollentia,  todays Alcudia as a military base to control coast and territory and later colonised.

When constructing the huge Hospital Son Espases, approx 10 years ago, they found rests of military bases. Palma Romana could have been laid out between the streets Palau Reial in the West and Pelleteria in the East and Placa d’en Coll in the North and the sea in the South. During the centuries, the image of Palma changed constantly. Along the outer borders were the funeral homes and garbage cans. Later they built houses there, which had to disappear again for orchards and gardens. Rests and historical maps show that there were buildings and later huge gardens in the area of the convent Santa Clara, the convent Sant Francesc or in the Gerreria-Quarter. The Plaza Major with fountains and gardens was built at the former place of the inquisition domicile. Todays shopping street Boulevard Borne used to be the estuary of the Riera torrent all the way down to the sea. In the underground parking Antoni Maura you can see rests of a quay wall from the Islamic time.


Mediterranean Expedition


A pleasant reward for after the Corona crisis it to join a Save the Med expedition and explore a variety of ocean species. The foundation Save the Med was set up 2012 as a Balearic non-government organisation by Bradley Robertson. Their goal is to bring the Mediterranean closer to the people and show its biological variety. They conscience the people, for the sea to be better protected of pollution, mass tourism and the effects of the climate change. The projects includes the observation of 11 marine protected areas, initiated around the Baleares in the last years.

Save the Med offers participation on scientific expeditions in a team of 12 - captain, skipper, scientist, a trainee and 8 volunteers on board of the “Toftevaag”. No experiences are necessary, just interest on the protection of the sea. The participants learn, during a 9 day expedition and small performances, more about the maritime eco system of the Baleares. With a bit of luck you might watch sperm whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Some of the duties of the volunteers are also sailing, cooking, maintenance and navigation of the ship. The costs are €1200, including food and all activities on board. The trip will be mainly around the National Park of the island group of Cabrera, also the main island will be visited. At night, the “Toftevaag” will anchor in one of the bays; the participants sleep together in a big room, each has its own wooden bunk. In the summer months you can sleep on deck under the starry sky. So far they have had participants from 90 different nations with over 3800 scientists and volunteers. Next planned trips start May 24th, check their schedule and book: Starting in Palma's harbour. More info or 



Fishing in Mallorca is cheap, with your your ID and little money you can get a fishing permit, but there are rules. Not every fish is allowed to be taken out of the water. There are different licenses, like the “pesca recreativa” (hobby fishing). It allows children up to 14 years to fish without license, 64 years and older don’t pay but still to apply. If you just want to fish from the land, you need the “licencia de pesca maritima recreativa individual”. This license allows fishing from small boats, kayaks, canoes or pedal boats. A special license is needed for anglers to submarine fish with spears (pesca submarina), to angle from bigger boats (pesca de embarcación) and sport fishing for competition and tournaments (pesca deportiva) is free. The license is valid for 2 years. 

The fishing licence is restricted to one of eleven areas across the island and you must select your area during the application process. These areas are: 

  • North/Northeast/Northwest: Badia d’Alcudia, Badia de Pollença, Cala Castell to Cap de Formentor, Cap de Ferrutx to Punta de n’Amer, Sa Foradada to Cala Castell
  • West/Southwest: Cala en Basset to Sa Foradada, Cala Figuera to Cala en Basset
  • South: Cap Salines to Cap Blanc
  • East: Punta de n’Amer a S’Amarador
  • Palma: Badia de Palma

It is forbidden to fish within less than 100m distance of swimming areas. In summer season, from 1st May to 30th September, you can only fish from the beach between 22:00 and 07:00. Keep a 250 m distance to professional fishermen and in protected areas there are special permits, also around the island of Dragonera and the National Parc of Cabrera. 

However, chartered fishing trips will be covered by a ‘collective’ or ‘boat’ license, there you will not need to purchase a license yourself. 

You can apply for either the plastic card or paper license online CAIB. The page is only in Catalan or Spanish, so with a Google Translate, you can get through.  You can simply fill it out and print instantly yourself, cost 16€, or order a plastic card which will me mailed to your post, cost 26€.

If you have trouble with the website and are interested in details of the whole procedure, you can go to “Dirección General de Pesca y Medio Marino” (C/ de la Reina Constança 4, Palma, Tel; 971 176100) or to the offices of agriculture and fishing authorities FOGAIBA in Campos, Felanitx, Manacor, Inca, Sa Pobla and Soller. 




“Coa Goa” (what comes around, goes around) are bags made of old sails. They are unique and sold all over the world, mostly to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England. Weeks pass until a sail changes into a bag with leather shoulder trap, vegetable tanned and treated with bee wax. At the moment there is a production of 5 style of bags; all-rounder, daily, mess bag, weekender, together. Two more models are planned, as well as baskets for washing, candle bags and zero-waste-bags for shopping of fruits and vegetables. Recently, the German producer, Ursula Piber received the sail of the old-timer “Agnets Sailing Boat”, a very special treasure. Normally the sowing is done in Portugal, but this sail will be sewed in her workshop in Palma. The color and the structure of the sail are very special. The cords on the edges are sewed by hand. If you give in a sail you, you get a free bag. A small amount of each sold bag is donated to the “Save the Med Foundation”. Tel: 610 217210,,, Instagram: coagoabags.

Ursula Piber also offers wardrobe rental for films, commercials or photo shoots, personal workspace facilities and stylists, and spacious offices for short productions in ideal locations.


Butler Service


Looking for a luxury private butler? Since beginning of this year Daniel Rudolf lives on the island and started his own business with Xclusive Mallorca. You can rent him for 550€ a day, as a butler, driver of your limousine or taking care of your exclusive finca while absent. He appears in a “normal” outfit, in his career only 2 clients asked him to wear a suit and tie. One was a Russian oligarch and a businessman from Taipeh in Taiwan. He asked Daniel to do the inventory for his humidors. Daniel checked hundreds of cigars for small damages and estimated their value. He was supposed to stay 2 weeks, he needed 5 months. 5441 cigars were left over in the value of 186.754€. Daniel is extremely correct, today he may be called a lifestyle manager. Other jobs were to hire and train house staff, depending on the family, with 20 or more employees. He had to control the household after cleaning, to take care of the cars, look after children, plan holidays, restaurant visits, shopping lists - the organisation for the whole family. Daniel is a learned chef and passed with a diploma in the British Butler Institute of London, gained special knowledge in courses about wine and cigars and is able to drive armoured limousines. He visited with and for his clients 44 countries, like private islands in the Fiji republic. He was in Dubai, Bahamas and the luxury island St. Barth. There, in Nikki Beach, the minimum turnover per table is 52.000€.

His last family in New York showed their confidence by giving him the black American Express card, one of the most exclusive credit cards of the world. The limit was 400.000€. Per day he could take 10.000€ cash from the ATM for the daily shopping. After all his travelling and seeing the world he fell in love with Mallorca and plans to live here for ever.



The weekly markets are open again and one of the reliable events on the island. Family Galmes sells ornamental plants, herbs and seedlings, grown in green houses of 9000 m2 in Manacor, 1 km behind the Rafa Nadal Acedemy. Over 90% of the plants sold by Pedro and his son Andreu come from his own plantations. Gardeners, who grow their plants themselves have become seldom. Most of the garden centres are dealers, selling expensive. Pedro and son offer herbs of the island, advising you about their preferred habitat, how much water and fertiliser they need.

Now in spring they offer basilica (albahaca), coriander, thyme, lavender, rosemary, mint or tomatoes, pepper and other summer vegetables. You find Pedro in Alaro on Saturdays, in S’Alqueria Blanca on Tuesdays, in Calonge on Thursdays, Port de Alcudia on Fridays. Andreu comes to Manacor on Mondays and Saturdays, Porto Cristo on Tuesdays, Coll d’en Rabassa on Wednesdays and Ses Salines on Thursdays.


The 1898 Drinks Boutique of the company Tunel in Marratxi is a place of good drops selling wine up to 1300€, always open for you. They offer approx. 5000 different products like wine, cava, champagne and a lot of alcohol from all countries. They have 2 different kinds of customers - the one that know what they want and the ones who need advice and recommendations. If you look for an exciting whisky, they recommend for example “Caol Ila”, a Scottish, 12 years old malt whisky from the island Islay for 45€. The specific mixture of salt aroma from the sea and peat smoke will convince. If you like gin, they find the “Guadalquivir” of the company Puerto de Indias for 17€ worth to try. Taste of elderflower, peach and orange, fruity but classical. As a base for Limoncello or others, they sell a 75% pure alcohol - 1 l for 58€. C/Teixidors 17, Marratxi (Poligono), Tel: 971 229713,


A 6 second video of the 13 year old Mallorquin boy Miquel Montero became famous and was used via twitter by IKEA for an advertisement for their köttbullar. It shows the boy in the kitchen of his home, a frying pan on the fire with very good smelling meatballs. The boy talked in a Spanish TV show about the delicious meatballs cooked by his mother “Hostia, pilotes! Oh, que son de bones! M’encanten”, freely translated: Damn great, meatballs! Oh, they are so delicious! I love them!”  Miquel was a little annoyed and thought IKEA could have asked him before. @ostiapilotes




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