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Newsletter, Autumn 2020

SMaRC mid term report 2020 - submitted!

SMaRC has now reached its mid-term and we are in the process of the mid-term evaluation. The mid-term report, which is part of this process, has now been submitted to SSF. The full report can be accessed here: SMaRC MTR.

SMaRC mid term evaluation report.

SMaRC mid-term evaluation report submitted.

Portrait of Hans Wicklander

SMaRC's mid-term demonstrations film.

SMaRC mid-term demonstrations film now published.

The SMaRC mid-term demonstrations film is now released on our youtube channel. We are presenting the progress towards our goals through interviews, demonstrations at Stockholm University’s marine research laboratory (Askö Laboratory), and expeditions to Antarctica with the Gothenburg Universities AUV Ran.

See the film on our youtube channel.


Swedish Polar Research Secretariat partners with SOOS

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has partnered with SOOS in a three-year partnership to develop a network of researchers, policy and industry members with an interest in the Southern Ocean. 

SMaRC members and students are invited to join this network. There will likely be annual scientific meetings,
where SMaRC presentations could be given to the Swedish Southern Ocean research community and other interested communities, as well as in-person engagement and virtual information sharing.


Partnership information letter.

Download pdf by saving above image to your computer.


SMaRC participated in the WASP/WARA-PS demonstrations in Västervik.

SMaRC joined the WARA-PS team in Västervik during their demoperiod 15-17 Sept. Joint tests and education of personnel were done on the Saab underwater communications nodes as well as launching of the SMaRC AUV SAM from Saabs autonomous CB90 platform.


SMaRC events

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