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Friends Arena - the Swedish National Arena

For many children worldwide, the day begins with stomach ache. In Sweden, 60,000 children are bullied every year - together, they would fill the entire Swedish national arena - Friends Arena.

In 2012, the Swedish national arena was named Friends Arena. Friends main sponsor Swedbank gave the name rights to Friends as a part of their sponsorship, and to help share the message that all children have the right to grow up in a safe and secure environment. The arena is now a physical manifestation against bullying and a reminder that no child should ever be subjected to bullying or discrimination.

To visualize the problem further, Friends and Swedbank have installed a unique artwork at the arena consisting of 25 sculptures of children. The sculptures, together with the name of the arena, are a permanent reminder that no child should ever have to experience being bullied. Miniatures of these sculptures have gone on tour as part of Friends’ work, to collect school children’s experiences of bullying.


The Swedish men's national football team in manifestation against bullying

As a part of the Arena children exhibition mentioned above, the Sweden men’s national team took a stand against bullying during the football game against Chile on March 24. Instead of being escorted by juniors, the team entered the pitch with miniature sculptures in their hands.

Together against Bullying - A special week to get parents to focus on bullying

Parents influence children’s behavior and values the most, but few adults know how to talk with their children about bullying. Despite this, parents are especially difficult to engage in the work against bullying. This is something Friends wants to change by initiating a special week where we together with parents focus on bullying.

This week (March 24-31) Friends will provide parents with advice on different issues related to bullying. What is bullying? How do I talk to my child about bullying? What should I do if my child bullies other children? What can I do if my child is exposed to bullying?

The work against bullying should go on all the time, every day, the whole year. A theme day or a theme week in school is never enough. We need a long-term systematic work in all activity areas where children are present. Nevertheless, this week we will focus on raising awareness and highlight the responsibility of adults.

Would your organization like to join us in next year's event?


Nordic Anti-Bullying Network Meeting

In February, FICAB arranged the first Nordic Anti-Bullying Network Meeting and invited Nordic organizations working against bullying. The aim with the network is to get its partners to meet, find new ways to collaborate and be inspired by and learn from each other. Participants came from all Nordic countries, representing Save the Children Denmark (DK), The Mary Foundation (DK), Mannerheim League of Child Welfare (FI), Folkhälsan (FI), Erindi (IS), Home and School (IS), five different organizations and coalitions representing the Partnership against Bullying (NO) and of course Friends and Friends International Center against Bullying (SE). The day took place at our partner, Quality Hotel Friends in Stockholm.

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